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An Automobilia Collection is a Must-See For All Automobilia Enthusiasts

A collection of automobilia is more than just a hobby for some – it’s a way to delve into vintage aesthetics and technology as well as a nostalgic dive into bygone automotive eras. For some collectors, the thrill of finding a rare piece or item is enough to inspire them to seek out more – and the joy of sharing these treasures with fellow enthusiasts only adds to the pleasure. The automobilia market is booming and some of the items that can be found are truly spectacular, and often command five figure sums when auctioned.

A portmanteau of “automobile” and “memorabilia”, automobilia is essentially any item related to the automobile industry, including accessories, spare parts and signage. The term can also include memorabilia of specific vehicles, such as trophies, as well as objects relating to motor racing. The hobby has grown in popularity in recent times, and many people now have collections of automobilia ranging from old enamel badges to classic car signs and even cars themselves.

The more discerning automobilia collectors tend to focus on a particular brand or vehicle, and this can be an excellent way to learn more about that marque and the history of its cars. However, for those who want to collect more broadly, the choice of items on offer is staggering and there is something to suit all interests. Popular items of automobilia include hood emblems – the small sculptures that once identified brands – and advertising posters. These are particularly sought after, as they can tell a story about the era in which they were produced. Similarly, period spare parts catalogues and user manuals are extremely desirable as they can provide valuable information about the maintenance of vintage vehicles.

Porcelain signs are another highly sought-after collectible within the automobilia category, although these became less popular after World War II as they were expensive to produce. Other favourites include antique clocks and petroliana, which is anything pre-digital related to the automotive industry and can also incorporate items like road signs and antique gas pumps.

Whether you’re an F1 fan or not, the Nigel Mansell Legacy Collection is a must-see for any collector of automotive memorabilia. The collection includes a number of the champion’s trophies from his time in Formula One and IndyCar, as well as a rare original registration plate ‘5 NM’. The sale, which is being held at Gooding & Company, is expected to fetch millions of pounds.

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